Interesting Facts when moving to Lakewood CO

Lakewood Co is the 5th most populous city in Colorado and is typically talked about right alongside Aurora and Denver. Lakewood is similar to other areas in and around Denver in that it has as many outdoor activities in which to spend the day as it has indoor activities. As with Denver and Aurora, many homes in Lakewood are apartment homes. Whether apartment or single-family, Transport America Moving can help! Lakewood Co is home to a variety of natural features that makes this location a small piece of heaven to anyone wishing to step outside of their normal daily grind. Whether looking for shopping, craft beer, or outdoor adventures, Lakewood will not disappoint. Transport America Moving is your trusted mover for your upcoming relocation to Lakewood. Call for a free, no obligation quote!

For now, check out some of the exciting things to do in Lakewood:

Things to Do Indoors & Out

A day out in Lakewood can mean many different things depending on what activities you have planned.

Indoor Activities

There are many indoor activities available in Lakewood! The following are some of the top-rated indoor Lakewood attractions to help you get to know Lakewood at its finest. 

Blue Sky Cafe- Although restaurants are found throughout the city, Blue Sky Cafe stands out among the others. Ingredients for dishes here are made from local, natural, preservative and antibiotic-free food. The goal of this restaurant is not simply to feed its customers, but to feed them in such a way that the food actually tastes good and nourishes the body. Health and sustainability are always on the mind of the chefs and the result is delicious! 

Colorado Mills- This HUGE shopping center is home to well over 100 stores. A visitor could easily spend the entire day here, trying out restaurants and shopping.

Caution: Brewing Company- Caution Brewing Company is a brewery that produces some of the most unique flavors and blends for beer around. Many beers are Asian inspired and unlike any you’ve tasted elsewhere. 

Great Frontier Brewing Company- Unlike most breweries, Great Frontier produces a wide range of delicious Gluten free or reduced gluten brews.

Lakewood Heritage Center- This heritage center is home to thousands of historical artifacts and takes a visitor through the history of Lakewood and Colorado. 

Valkarie Gallery and studio- If you are an art lover, visiting this studio is highly recommended! Exhibits include all types of media and are always changing. 

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are amazing in Lakewood because, although multiple parks may offer similar activities, landscapes and wildlife are unique to their specific locations. 

Bear Creek Lake Park- Here, visitors can participate in archery, biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking trails, and even horseback riding.

Everitt Farms Farmers Market- This farm is home to 25 acres of local produce. It features seasonal activities, too, such as a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and christmas tree lot.

Belmar Downtown District- This activity could honestly fall in indoor and outdoor activities, but most visitors love taking strolls alongside the many restaurants and shops. Belmar Downtown offers indoor and outdoor dining, shopping, and live music.

William Frederick Hayden Park- Similar to Bear Creek lake Park, activities, wildlife, and trails are the focus. At its peak elevation of 6800 feet, the sights are beautiful and should not be missed!

Crown Hill Park- Situated between two city areas in Lakewood is Crown Hill Park. This park is a nice park to take a stroll and take in some nature while walking, boating, hiking, or fishing 

40-west arts district- This is a great place to enjoy a night out! 40-west is the perfect marriage of bars, restaurants, and the arts.

So many amazing activities in Lakewood! Moving to Lakewood should not be a concern! Transport America Moving are movers you can trust! Moving in and around Lakewood will be a breeze, just call us today!

So many amazing activities in Lakewood! Moving to Lakewood should not be a concern! Transport America Moving are movers you can trust! Moving in and around Lakewood will be a breeze, just call us today!

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