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For all your moving and auto transport needs.

Our team at Transport America Moving services a multitude of different locations in and around the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood-Littleton, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area beyond. We serve metro Denver and all surrounding areas and travel from Colorado to other states as well. The following cities are some hot-spots for our services. 

  • Aurora – Aurora is a densely populated portion of Denver. As Colorado’s third most populous city, it goes without question that movers are needed frequently. With over 2 million people to serve, we can support any move- apartment, home, or highrise; young or elderly and needing support. We are here to support you in any way to make your move the best one yet!
  • Centennial – This area of Colorado is known for its safety and its beautiful natural landscape! As such, it is one of the top areas for families to settle and has been growing by leaps and bounds each year. With its winding roads and open spaces, traveling can become a bit tricky for large trucks, especially in the winter months. It is best to trust a local moving company that knows the lay of the land and how to best get your valuables to your new home safely and securely!
  • Castle Rock – Between 2010 and 2019, the population of Castle Rock has gone up by approximately 33%. Our local team can assist with any type of move needed to relocate to or from the Castle Rock area.
  • Denver – The city of Denver is a very rapidly growing city. With an estimated 1.6% annual growth rate in 2019, moving services are needed now more than ever! Denver is an urban area in the mountains of Colorado that receives on average over 60 inches of snow annually. This is important to note because any mover traveling in such conditions needs to be knowledgeable of how to drive in potentially very icy and snowy conditions. Not all movers are professional drivers- Transport America Movers is local to the area and frequently drives in such conditions, ensuring your items will arrive without incident.
  • Englewood -With Denver growing so rapidly, it comes as no surprise that areas surrounding the city would also be seeing a surge of moves and moving service needs. Englewood is located at a higher elevation than Denver but serves as a suburb to the city, making it a popular destination for incoming and outgoing moves frequently.
  • Lakewood – According to Wikipedia, based on the 2010 census, “The population density was 3,334.4 people per square mile (1,286.9/km²)”. For movers, this typically means multi-family homes, highrises, and apartments. Transport America Moving professionals are more than ready to handle all moving needs in all types of homes. Let us help you with your move to or from the Lakewood area!
  • Littleton – Littleton is a highly sought-after small town outside of Denver. It is the perfect suburban area where many families may need assistance with moving into and out of the city. Our team can help with all types of moves!