Interesting Facts Before Moving to Denver Co

Denver Co is one of the most well-known cities in the United States. Like Las Vegas, Miami, or New York, when someone says “Denver,” no further explanation is needed as to where it is located. In fact, without ever having traveled there, most Americans have an accurate mental image of the city and surrounding mountains. When thinking about moving to Denver, the terrain alone can be overwhelming. Especially when considering moving from Florida to Denver or anywhere low elevation to higher elevation. Denver Colorado is most commonly partnered with its nearby ski resorts, but few realize the multitude of what the city has to offer. With over 2.8 million people living in the metro area, it has earned its rank as the fifth most populous state capital in the United States. Denver Co was not always the bustling city it is today. In the last 10 years, the population of Denver Co has dramatically increased. City moves are common, but a bit different than moving into a typical suburb or rural area. Having professional help speeds up the process and helps the move go more smoothly and efficiently. If you are moving in or around Denver, get a free quote from Transport America Moving!

Historically, with its beautiful mountains, rivers, and lush land, people have been drawn to Denver for many years. It was one of the first major locations of Western Union and -in order to stay even more connected to the rest of the country- when the Transcontinental Railroad was built 100 miles away, the city quickly raised funds and built a connecting railroad to help ease travel. Over the years, the population dramatically increased and changed many times over while becoming the city it is today. Like all major cities in America, Denver Co has changed many times before becoming the city it is today. 

  1. Denver is nicknamed the mile high city because, on average, it sits exactly a mile above sea level. 
  2. Denver actually has no mountains IN the city. They are simply located nearby. 
  3. Denver has sunny days more than 75% of the year. (This is great for moving!) 
  4. Denver is the only city to have ever turned down hosting the Olympics
  5. The Rocky Flats Plant- a nuclear weapons facility- was located in Denver and unfortunately suffered a huge fire, causing some parts of Denver to still be contaminated today. (Don’t worry, these areas have been contained.)
  6. Denver’s downtown district is one of the most culturally diverse in the country and is home to many different activities and events. People moving to Denver will NOT be disappointed with what the city has to offer. 
  7. Denver is home to one of the nation’s mints, producing over 10 billion coins per year. 
  8. Denver is one of the “Greenest” cities in America. This fact alone has been one of the main reasons people have been moving into the city.
  9.  Denver is home to a live herd of buffalo.
  10. You can trust Transport America Moving to get you moving around Denver!

When moving to Denver, people should know some fun facts about their new home:

Things to Do Indoors & Out

When moving, it is important to know your new environment. Whether you prefer a night out, walking among restaurants, trying out one of Denver’s many breweries, or exploring nature, Denver has something for everyone! Most restaurants in Denver boast farm fresh ingredients and Denver itself is considered one of the “greenest” cities in America. This city has it all! So many people are choosing to move to Denver. There are two main types of activities found in Denver:

City-Life in Denver

Colorado Railroad Museum- tying back into the history of Denver, this museum is home to many trains and train memorabilia. It is designed to look like an 1880’s train depot. Many kid-friendly events are also planned throughout the year.  

U.S. Mint- In the United States, there are currently only 4 US Mints. Denver is home to one of them! 

16th Street Mall- Pedestrian Mall- A beautiful outdoor strip of shopping centers and restaurants. 

Taking a visit to the Big Blue Bear at the convention center- This “Big Blue Bear” is literally a towering 40-foot blue bear

Denver Art Museum- Not only is the inside filled with magnificent works of art, the buildings in which the museum is housed are a sight to see for sure

Coors Brewery Tour- Take a tour of the Coors Brewery

Larimer Square- an historic block in Denver ripe with restaurants, shopping, and nightlife

Cherry Creek- high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries

Capitol Hill- home to the Colorado state capitol building

Five Points- One of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver and home to the annual Juneteenth celebration and Jazz festival. 

See why the Denver city life is attracting new residents and businesses? Moving to Denver is a great idea and Transport America Moving can get you there!

Natural Encounters Denver has to offer

Denver Botanic Gardens- 23 acres of lush beautiful gardens and greenery

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre/ Trails-

Denver Zoo- Explore the many animals who call the Denver Zoo home

City Park- This is the largest park in Denver and is a great place to walk, bike, golf, or just take in the natural surrounding scenery.

Downtown Aquarium- Visit the fish at the Denver downtown aquarium and meet not only live creatures of the deep, but also mermaids!

Denver Co Services

Popular People and Annual Attractions

Why move to Denver? Did you know Tim Allen, Roseanne Barr, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman, India Arie, and Kristin Davis are all from Denver? With so much opportunity to experience culture and the arts it’s easy to understand why so much talent has arisen from Denver. Not only is it the home to talented people, but it also has a multitude of annual attractions that draw visitors to the city each year. The Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival is one of the few nationally ranked art festivals across the country. Whether interested in painting, glass, sculpture, or jewelry, there is something for everybody! As mentioned earlier, Five Points in Denver hosts an annual Juneteenth Music Festival and a separate annual Jazz Festival. The Juneteenth Festival is one of the nation’s largest Juneteenth Music Festivals drawing in thousands of visitors! The Jazz festival is a whole-day event that not only revisits Jazz history and legends, but also promotes new Jazz artists! If you are looking for a whole different way to experience Denver, Let’s Roam Scavenger hunt will not disappoint. This scavenger hunt allows participants to explore the city while on a scavenger hunt to earn points and complete challenges.

No matter where you decide to move or how you choose to spend your time in Denver, you will not be disappointed! Denver is a place with many cultures, restaurants, history, and beautiful places to go. There is literally something for everyone in this city like no other! Transport America Moving is your trusted mover for Denver and surrounding areas!

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