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Many people have heard of Denver, but few are aware that Aurora, CO actually is very similar in size and population to Denver. In fact, Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado and actually is home to more land, but less city buildings. The city sits right up against Denver and is home to just over 325,000 people. With the majority of the highrises and city structures located within the Denver city limits, moving can be a breeze with the proper help from a trusted moving company. Whether moving to an apartment, condo, single family home, or your office, Transport America Moving can help! Aurora, is more of the suburban sister counterpart to Denver (although they hate that comparison). Aurora is unique in the fact that in its approximate 143 mi2 area, there is a 1000 ft. elevation change. Renting and driving your own moving truck and navigating through unfamiliar mountains can be difficult without the proper training and skills maneuvering a large truck. Aurora is known for its beautiful picturesque backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Let our drivers get your valuables to your new home while you take in your picturesque new city! Enjoy the view and let Transport America Moving take the stress for you! With sprawling land and many indoor and outdoor events, your move should be the last thing on your mind when first arriving at your new home! It’s no wonder this city is the destination of choice for so many travelers.    

Getting to Know Your New Location

Once Transport America Moving has safely relocated your items to your new apartment or single-family home, it will be time to explore your new city!

Outdoor Activities for Residents & Travelers

After traveling and unpacking, you may need a mental break! Go out and have a look around. Aurora is home to the Cherry Creek Reservoir where people can ride horses, hike the many different trails, or try stand-up-paddleboarding. This area is a well-known picnic area and a place to forget the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind and just take in the beauty of Colorado. If traveling with children, Great Plains Park is a fantastic option. This is a playground/water fountain park where families can sit, play, and enjoy being outdoors. If adventure is what you’re seeking, Aurora is home to the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. All animals within the sanctuary have been rescued and cannot be released into the wild. Many were born into captivity and could no longer be kept as a pet. Lastly, being that Aurora is now your home,  skiing is probably high on your list of activities to learn and enjoy! In the winter months, enjoy all of what Winter Park Resort offers- skiing, shops, restaurants, and bars!

Indoor Activities for Residents & Travelers

Is your kitchen not quite ready for you to cook a meal? No worries! As with most cities, Aurora Co is home to many fantastic restaurants and shopping locations. This alone is a major reason so many have relocated to the area over the last 10 years. Like what people have come to expect from Denver, most restaurants in Aurora Co are also locally-owned and serve farm-fresh menu items. If shopping is what you crave, Stanley Marketplace is an indoor shopping center ripe with art, food, and typically a performance or two. The Southlands Lifestyle District is also a must-see as they have a photo wall set up and ready for family memories to begin. Snap selfies and family photos to start scrapbooking your new home city. If craft breweries are something you like, Aurora is home to Bent Barley Brewing Company. This brewery provides a friendly atmosphere, food, and multiple award-winning beers! 

Annual Attractions

What move is complete without knowing all your new city has to offer. When the moving truck has departed, the boxes have been emptied, and home is starting to feel like home, be sure to check out some of Aurora’s pretty amazing annual events. Punkin Chunkin and Global Fest are the two most popular attractions that call Aurora home. Punkin Chinkin is just that… a competition of sorts to see who can launch a pumpkin the farthest. It is an annual event filled with fun, food, and laughter! Global fest is a celebration of cultures found around the world! This festival celebrates each of our cultural differences by showcasing amazing food, dancing, and a lineup of all different types of entertainment. Aurora is a city that is easy to fall in love with… once many people visit, they never want to leave! 

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