Long Distance Moving

Whether moving from Florida to Denver or Denver to Las Vegas, there are many things about a long distance move that are quite different than your typical move to another county. Long distance moves require a bit of preplanning. Prior to the actual driving of the moving truck, packing must be done a bit more carefully. At Transport America, we recommend taking apart furniture prior to loading it onto the truck whenever possible. When items such as book shelves and bed frames are left together, screw fittings can become very loose and damaged due to the movement of the truck itself. In local moves, people are typically safe from this type of damage because the time your items spend traveling in a truck is significantly shorter. This type of packing and loading of a truck is best when done by professional movers who know how to best load boxes and furniture into the truck and secure such items. 

Driving Professionals

Whether looking for a gas station that can handle a large truck, finding a safe place to sleep overnight (with a large truck), or simply maneuvering the terrain of multiple states, long distance moving is not something to be taken lightly! Many people underestimate how different it is to drive a truck rather than a typical vehicle. With the popularity and availability of rental trucks, many people choose to attempt a long distance move alone. This can be very unsafe! Remember that professional truck drivers have a CDL license. This license means the driver has been trained on what to do and how to best drive a large truck in many different scenarios. Gas stations across the country have historically had a difficulty with people hitting the tanks with larger vehicles and trucks due to an underestimation of turning range. Now, most have installed cement poles protecting the actual pump. Still, any damage created is the responsibility of the driver. Additionally, there are countless accidents annually due to people driving moving trucks and/or towing items. If for no other reason than safety, Transport America Moving should be called to help your move go flawlessly!


Transport America Moving can help!

Transport America Moving drivers all hold their CDL certification. Our team understands how to best pack and load a truck for the long haul. We understand that a bit of preplanning can go a long way when it comes to the condition of your items as we arrive at your destination. We have all of the tools necessary to strap, cover, and protect and secure your possessions. Being original to the Denver area, weather typically is not an issue for our drivers as it is something we have grown accustomed to overcoming. We are a trustworthy moving company making sure you and your items get to your new home safe and sound! Call us today to discuss how we can help you manage your long distance move.   

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