What Materials are Needed?

We have all been there… sitting in a house we are getting packed to move when that feeling of absolute stress washes over you! Between running out of boxes, paper to wrap fragile items, tape, or simply underestimating just how much stuff we have- getting ready to move is an experience! It doesn’t have to be this way! Our Expert Residential Movers team of movers at Transport America Moving can help! We come prepared to help you get through the tough part of the move and onto the next stage of your adventure. With our services, you can opt in for packing assistance. We bring all needed materials- boxes, tape, packaging paper, manpower, and the truck.  

Packing, stacking, and Loading- Safety, Tips, & Tricks

If you want your move to go smoothly, it is important that you know some of the tips and tricks of the trade! Here is a list of the most frequent things we see that could be done more effectively and helpful tips for customers:

  1. Boxes- Many people buy all large boxes in which to pack their things. We understand. Boxes are an expense and it goes without question that the larger the box, the more items it can hold. Although this sounds like a good idea, boxes come in sizes for a few  reasons.
    Large Boxes- Large boxes should be used for large stuffed animals or folded jackets/sweaters. Essentially, large boxes are used for a lot of lighter items. Overpacking boxes and making them too heavy can cause box failure. It can also cause items inside to be crushed and broken, even if wrapped appropriately. Additionally, moving a box that weighs 100 pounds is not ideal. 
    Medium boxes- These are the most used boxes in most moves. Once you have wrapped all fragile items in paper, these boxes are the correct side to not overstuff them causing the problems listed above. 
    Small boxes- Small boxes are great for heavy items such as wrapped dishes.They are also great for small things like office supplies and drawer contents.  
  2. Buy tape in bulk packages- not single rolls. Many people underestimate how much tape is needed for a typical 2 BR/2Bath home. Being a residential mover, we have seen the frustration of people still packing their last few boxes as we are loading the truck, when they run out of tape. Buy the jumbo pack of movers tape. One to two left over rolls is only a few dollars difference and,  worst case scenario, you keep the extra and use it when mailing and shipping items after the move.  
  3. Label every box- Labeling boxes allows you to easily recall what’s packed inside and where that box belongs in your new home. 
  4. Use paper wrapping- Bubble wrap works, but it is very bulky and much more expensive than paper. Paper wrapping does a great job! 
  5. Speak with your moving company frequently- Make sure you are all on the same page as far as what assistance you may require: office, commercial, residential, apartment complex with stairwells, assistance with packing, expected delivery timelines, delays, questions, and or issues. Transport America Moving is here to help! Expert Residential Movers.

Why Professionals are the Best Option

Whether moving from Florida to Colorado or anywhere else in the nation, our professionals can get your items to you in great condition. Things shift while driving. Having a professional, experienced mover behind the wheel helps reduce items shifting. Our team knows how to maneuver the truck in all weather and road conditions, saving you unneeded stress and anxiousness. You deserve to have a move that is easy. Professional movers take the stress so you can relax and enjoy the excitement of a new beginning!   

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A local residential move is considered a short distance move that can be within the same county, city or even neighborhood you currently reside. With convenient locations serving every major region, United interstate moving agents are proud to independently service your local residential moving needs through their own separate local moving companies and brands.
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