How is a Commercial/Office Move Different from a Residential Moving Experience?

For many people, managing a commercial or office move is a very different experience than a typical residential move. For one thing, offices and commercial businesses have business hours. Most businesses want to close the store for as short of a time period as possible. Every day the office is closed is money lost. Professional Commercial Mover such as Transport America Moving bring a small team to assist with you moving needs. We are all aware that the more people you have helping, the faster a move goes. Whether assisting with packing and boxing needs or simply helping to safely move and relocate office/commercial furniture and supplies, Transport America Moving makes the move fast, easy, and efficient. 

Things to Consider when Moving Office Locations

One main difference between a commercial move and a residential move is the type of items being transported. In most office or commercial moves, there are large numbers of desks, computers, shelving, and storage items. Chairs alone can take up an entire truck if not packed properly. With so much bulky furniture, packing the truck properly is vital to only having to potentially take one truck. Of course, this depends on the size of the facility. As mentioned above, time is a hot commodity! Businesses need to get a move done as quickly and efficiently as possible, outside of office hours whenever possible. For this reason, we offer after-hours relocation and Overnight moving services to help! Lastly, who in a commercial move is responsible for packing and boxing all of the items. For the most part, it’s the owner and whomever he/she can find to assist. We are here to help you! Transport America Moving prices are competitive, so you can get the help you need and still keep the relocation within budget. 


Commercial Mover | Office Moving

With any move, it is important to have an inventory of supplies being transported. Transport America Moving gets all items from point A to point B. We don’t go through boxes you may have packed, but we do provide an inventory list of furniture supplies and large items we are shipping. It is important to us that you feel respected and that your business and possessions are cared for to the best of our ability. 
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We know the stress that comes with moving long-distance. With our commercial moving doesn’t have to be a burden. We offers the same outstanding customer service Transport America is known for with flexible pricing and delivery dates. Learn More!

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