Apartment Moving Can be Rough

According to Quora and the 2014 census data, approximately 20% of Ameicans live in apartment homes. If you have ever experienced moving into or out of an apartment, you realize exactly how difficult it can be! Depending on where you live, apartment living may be the only option for most individuals. For example, major cities across the country such as Tampa, FL, Toledo, OH, and Baton Rouge, LA have a majority of renters. It simply comes down to space. As our population and housing costs continue to rise, more and more individuals will call apartments “home.” When moving from Florida to Denver, for example, chances are favorable that an apartment move may be part of the equation. Apartment Movers offers a few challenges that typical single family home moves don’t have. Stairs, tight corners, and building rules can be challenging. Not having enough help available to you on the day of your move can stop the process altogether. With Transport America, apartment moves are no problem!      

HOA & Building Rules

HOAs understand people need to move into and out of apartment buildings or high-rises. Many, however, have very specific rules that need to be followed on moving day. Trucks may only be allowed to park in a specified area or only specific elevators may be available when moving. There may also be set time limits when moving is allowed for the building. Many HOAs, for example, have a moving cut-off time of around 7pm. This cuts back on noise for other tenants.  It is very important that the individual who is moving is aware of building rules prior to moving day. These rules then need to be communicated to movers, so we can plan accordingly. 


How Can Transport America Help You?
Apartment Movers

Transport America prides itself on being punctual. We always try to work around the schedule of the individual who is moving. Our team of professional movers understand how to maneuver large objects through the tightest of spaces. Clipping corners can not only damage your furniture, but can cost money in repair fees from the apartment complex. We make sure that all furniture is wrapped and ready to move, saving not only your furniture, but your wallet as well. We have worked in multiple high rises and understand how to safely use our tools, and not our backs, when moving up or down stairwells. Apartment moving can be dangerous if an individual is unaccustomed to moving in such a way.  Let us save you time and keep you safe from injury! 

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