Senior Citizens and Moving

There comes a time in each of our lives when staying in our family home may no longer make sense. The decision to make a move is not an easy one. Many senior citizens have lived in their home for decades. They have watched their children grow and move out to begin their own adventure. Before they know it, they are in a very large house without need for many of the rooms. Stairs may begin to become an issue and it becomes time to consider a new adventure for themselves. Assisting with an elderly move is not something to take lightly. Elderly movers need to be understanding and caring toward the individuals they have been called to assist. With support, it can make the entire process much more enjoyable. 


The largest issue with assisting the elderly with a move is packing. It is terribly difficult for them to decide which items need to be “handed down”, which can be donated, which need to be thrown away, and which are coming with them. Whether moving to an assisted living facility or a 55+ condo or apartment home, downsizing is imperative. Transport America understands that the items chosen to go to the new home are not just items, but memories. We work very hard to package, pack, and relocate the items in their original condition. If white glove service has been chosen, we recommend a family member or friend assist their loved one in the weeks prior to the move to begin the sorting process. Our team will gladly and meticulously pack each and every valuable item, but decisions made one the day of the move can be very emotional. If possible, we also suggest that a family member or friend is there with their loved one on the day of the move to keep spirits and excitement high. According to Aging Care, “Two of the biggest hurdles for seniors facing a move are fear of the unknown and a loss of control.” The more emotional support available on the day of the move, the more successful the move seems to be. 


Why Choose Transport America Moving?
Assisting Elderly Moving

Transport America has a long track record of successful moving services. We understand people and realize that every move is different and emotional for a variety of reasons. Assisting Elderly Moving service is a fast-move process that offers same-day loading/unloading service when possible. We realize many nursing homes and assisted living facilities require moves during specified times. We work very hard to make each move the best experience for everyone involved. We know your loved ones deserve outstanding treatment, service, and attention to detail and that’s what Transport America offers to each and every one of our valued customers. Let us help your elderly loved one feel more comfortable and confident as they embark on their next journey!
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